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12/07/2024 Machinations

The differences between Play and Predict

In this article Play: Real-Time Interaction and Debugging Predict: Comprehensive Analysis Through Monte Carlo Simulations Why The Number of Plays in Predict Matters: A Hands-On Example Main takeaway   In Machinations, the “Play” and “Predict” features offer distinct ways to simulate and analyse systems. “Play” executes the model once, displaying animations for the state changes …

02/07/2024 Alexandre

Community Spotlight – Optimizing Players Progression with Machinations

Can you introduce yourself and share a bit about your background I’m Guido Parlatore, a technical game designer currently in the final year of the Game Design course at AIV – Accademia Italiana Videogiochi. The diagram I created is for Project Anchor, an isometric metroidvania game immersing players in an underwater adventure in search of …

25/06/2024 Alexandre

Community Spotlight – Harnessing Machinations for Game Design Mastery

Meet Yunus, born in Ankara, whose lifelong passion for gaming began with the Sega Master System at age 5. In this spotlight, Yunus shares his journey, insights into game design, and a deep love for Machinations. His featured diagrams, which have graced our community pages, showcase the versatility of Machinations in simulating complex game mechanics. …

22/04/2024 Alexandre

Boosting Productivity and Efficiency: How Joygame Maximizes Machinations to Streamline Game Development

“The strategic implementation of Machinations allowed Joygame to significantly cut down on development time and enhance system reliability.“ Hüseyin Kocakuşaklı, Lead Game Designer at Joygame. Joygame, based in Istanbul, Turkey, is a dynamic game studio with a robust portfolio, especially known for its mobile casual games along with ventures into VR and PC gaming. With …

10/02/2024 Alexandre

The finalists of GDWC are out! Discover our top 5 for the best prototypes of the season

The Game Development World Championship is an annual competition for indie game developers, game development students and anyone interested in the industry, designed to celebrate outstanding games across 12 categories. With the submission phase now closed, let’s already give a round of applause for all the participants who have entered the competition this season. Following …

09/02/2024 Alexandre

Beyond Cells and Formulas: Machinations as the Perfect Spreadsheet Companion

Designing and managing complex game systems has long been anchored in spreadsheets, known for their structured and formulaic approach. Yet, as the scope of game design expands, the necessity for a more intuitive and visual tool becomes evident. Machinations emerges as this innovative solution, offering a visual representation of game systems, complementing the traditional strengths …

18/01/2024 Alexandre

How to best present your work in Machinations

Communication is an important part of our daily life. Even though we do it every day, good communication takes practice, repetition, and reflection. From our experience, when it comes to communicating inside a game development team, things do not always work great. But there is one thing that worked all the time as a tool …

10/01/2024 Alexandre

19 tips to successfully improve your Game Economy

Game economy design involves the strategic management and balancing of your game assets, enhancing player engagement, progression, and satisfaction. If you are, or want to become, a game designer and are seeking to enhance your craft, here are 19 tips to keep in mind for the next game. 1. Define clear goals: Determine the nature …

21/12/2023 Alexandre

SAML SSO now available for Enterprise Users

In our latest release, we’ve made authentication over SAML SSO available for our Enterprise Users. This feature enable users to sign into multiple applications using just one set of login credentials. Let’s see how your enterprise can benefit from SAML SSO: 🛡️ Enhanced Security With the understanding of the importance of data security for enterprises, the …