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08/11/2021 Machinations

What is game economy design

As players engage with your game, they gain and consume assets (XP, currencies, items, etc.). Game economy design handles the crafting and balancing of these game systems to translate player engagement into monetization opportunities and embeds them into the core gameplay loop. There are two purposes for game economies. One is to provide players with …

16/09/2021 Machinations

Game systems: Feedback loops and how they help craft player experiences

Image via Nintendo/YouTube Have you ever been monstering a race in Mario Kart and then, blam, the blue shell hits and you’ve got a few seconds of teeth-grinding frustration while you wallow about and the other players catch up with you? If you have, congratulations, you’ve been caught in a feedback loop. What are feedback loops? …

23/08/2021 Machinations

What are game simulations and why should you care?

Recent gaming history has been littered with examples of triple-A games being released well before they are ready. Huge releases from major studios and developers such as Anthem, Cyberpunk 2077, and Fallout 76 have all been released to the public as buggy or highly unbalanced messes. These releases were followed by the predictable fallout as …

20/08/2021 Machinations

How to design idle games

The idea of a game that essentially plays itself might not sound like the most entertaining thing, but since its inception in 2016, the idle game genre has grown hugely in popularity. In this article, we’ll be breaking down exactly what an idle game is and what constitutes the basic building blocks of its game …

29/06/2021 Alexandre

Game systems: Battle passes and how to balance them

Battle Passes are looking like an established trend in free-to-play games, especially PVP, slowly substituting the older aspirations of subscription models that have only been successful for a handful of titles. What exactly is a battle pass, how can it influence your game’s economy, and how do you balance one? Battle pass mechanics As stated …

29/06/2021 Machinations

What is game economy inflation? How to foresee & overcome it in your game design

Virtual economies have become a feature of an increasingly large number of modern games and, like any other economy, the in-game ones need to deal with economic factors like inflation. Handled correctly, inflation can actually be beneficial to your game. Handled incorrectly, however, runaway inflation can turn your game into the virtual version of Hungary …