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Resource Allocation and Usage

Model the allocation and usage of resources such as computing power, storage, and bandwidth. Visualize how servers, storage units, and networking equipment interact and share resources over time.


Workload Balancing

Model the distribution of workloads across servers and clusters to ensure a balanced and optimized workload. Optimize load balancing strategies to ensure even distribution, prevent resource overutilization, and enhance overall system performance.

Network Traffic and Latency

Visualize and analyze the flow of network traffic within the datacenter, modeling latency and communication patterns. Optimize the network architecture for efficient data transfer and low-latency communication.


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Performance Testing

Simulate and analyze performance under different conditions, such as peak loads or resource-intensive tasks. Optimize resource allocation to meet performance requirements during periods of high demand.


Fault Tolerance and Redundancy

Model the redundancy and fail recovery mechanisms to ensure high availability. Simulate failure scenarios to understand the impact on system performance and devise strategies for recovery.

Capacity Forecasting

Create models that project future resource demands based on historical data and anticipated growth. Plan for future expansions or optimizations to accommodate the expected increase in workload.


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