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Renewable Energy Integration

Simulate the integration of renewable energy sources like solar and wind into existing energy systems. Optimize the mix of energy sources to ensure a reliable and sustainable supply.


Grid Stability Analysis

Model the stability of electrical grids by simulating the balance between energy supply and demand. Optimize the integration of renewable energy sources and manage the impact of fluctuating energy inputs.

Battery Storage Management

Model the dynamics of energy storage systems, including charge and discharge cycles. Optimize storage usage to balance supply and demand, reduce costs, and improve grid stability.


Capacity Expansion Planning

Simulate long-term energy demand growth and infrastructure needs. Optimize investment decisions for expanding generation and transmission capacity to meet future demand.


Asset Management

Simulate the lifecycle of energy infrastructure assets, including maintenance, upgrades, and decommissioning. Optimize asset management strategies to extend the lifespan, reduce costs, and improve the reliability of energy systems.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Model the environmental impacts of different energy production and consumption scenarios. Optimize strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and comply with regulatory standards.


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