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Machinations is a visual and interactive tool for evaluating the impact any game system, mechanic, or parameter has on your players’ experience. Entire games can be mapped and played through in Machinations, to easily spot any flaws, before writing a single line of code. Then, forecast game progression or free-to-play revenue with confidence, understand and maximize different player journeys. It's time to fuel your game design process with data, not guesswork!

12/07/2024 Machinations

The differences between Play and Predict

In this article Play: Real-Time Interaction and Debugging Predict: Comprehensive Analysis Through Monte Carlo Simulations Why The Number of Plays in Predict Matters: A Hands-On Example Main takeaway   In Machinations, the “Play” and “Predict” features offer distinct ways to simulate and analyse systems. “Play” executes the model once, displaying animations for the state changes …

14/03/2023 Machinations

Machinations at GDC 2023

Let’s meet at GDC 2023! Model, simulate and predict the outcome of your game mechanics & economies with Machinations, the ultimate tool for game designers. If you’re attending GDC 2023, we invite you to come and meet us! Stop by our booth (P1811) and learn more about how at any stage, from conception to live …

28/02/2023 Machinations

How to make the most out of your time at GDC

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is one of the biggest events in the gaming industry, bringing together developers, publishers, and other industry professionals from all over the world.  GDC 2023 is expected to be no exception, with thousands of attendees coming to San Francisco for a week of networking, learning, and gaming. If you plan …

27/02/2023 Machinations

Understanding Live Ops for Video Games

The way we play video games has undergone a massive shift in recent years. No longer are games static, one-time experiences that we play through and then put away. Instead, games have become ongoing services, with developers providing regular updates, new content releases, and ongoing support long after the initial release. As a result, Live …

12/12/2022 Machinations

How the team from Void Runners balances their web3 game economy with Machinations.

Developed on Unity, Void Runners is a blockchain game of decision-making and strategy set in the Void, a vast galaxy where trade depends on a network of Runners and Outposts. In this universe, players move cargo around, following or defying rules about where they can dock and save their loot. But there is a catch, …

21/11/2022 Machinations

Faster iteration. Clearer diagrams

We’re always looking to improve how Machinations supports articulating your design ideas. Custom variables’ main quest was to introduce external data ingestion and better control when defining the rules of your systems. But they also come with boosts. Faster iteration Custom variables can be referenced by any node or connection needing to access that value. …

19/10/2022 Machinations

Webinar: How to use custom variables to make better games.

Discover how Game Designers can solve complex problems and conceive better games when blending custom variables and external data into their simulation models. Our latest major release introduced Custom Variables that designers can use across all diagrams to retrieve parameters from external data sources. Whether you want to improve your game monetization or refine your …

12/10/2022 Machinations

Introducing Custom Variables

Data from external sources. Easier maintenance We’ve just pushed one of our major releases yet, which introduces Custom Variables! These types of variables may be used across all your diagrams and can retrieve parameters from external data sources. Custom Variables bring you: The ability to retrieve data from external sources Availability across your account and …

08/09/2022 Machinations

The Machinations Manifesto For Building Sustainable Game Economies – The Design Pillars

In less than a decade, the video gaming industry has undergone a radical transformation. The web3 gaming revolution is now in full swing, with developers harnessing the power of blockchain technology to create new experiences that are redefining what it means to game.  And while this new model holds a great deal of promise, this …