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25/10/2023 Alexandre

Embracing the Big Picture: A Practical Guide to Machinations and System Thinking

Introduction Our goal at Machinations is to help game development teams gain insights quickly and iterate on their design, empowering our users to craft and simulate intricate game mechanics and economic systems with ease. However, mastering Machinations goes beyond simply understanding its language and features; it requires adopting a whole new mindset. “By using Machinations …

13/07/2023 Harry

How to Manage Complexity in Machinations

In the realm of game development and systems design, the ability to transform complex ideas into prototypes and simulations empowers designers to test their assumptions, refine design ideas, identify potential issues, and allows designers to assess the balance of game systems. Prototypes and simulations also serve as effective communication tools among the development team and …

25/04/2023 Alexandre

Our GDC Talk on Sustainable Game Economy Design is now Available on the Vault

Builded upon the publication of the Machinations Manifesto for Building Sustainable Game Economies, the recording of our GDC talk is now available for viewing on the GDC Vault. If you missed our talk at GDC or want to revisit the insights we shared, be sure to check out the recording. You can also access the …

27/02/2023 Machinations

Understanding Live Ops for Video Games

The way we play video games has undergone a massive shift in recent years. No longer are games static, one-time experiences that we play through and then put away. Instead, games have become ongoing services, with developers providing regular updates, new content releases, and ongoing support long after the initial release. As a result, Live …

08/09/2022 Machinations

The Machinations Manifesto For Building Sustainable Game Economies – The Design Pillars

In less than a decade, the video gaming industry has undergone a radical transformation. The web3 gaming revolution is now in full swing, with developers harnessing the power of blockchain technology to create new experiences that are redefining what it means to game.  And while this new model holds a great deal of promise, this …

28/07/2022 Machinations

The Citadel – Machinations Game Economy Audit

The Citadel is a Web3 2D multiplayer space exploration strategy game that takes place in a persistent world on the Ethereum blockchain. Earlier this year, the game devs teamed up with Machinations, to model and assess their game economy design and after a few months of testing and model iterations, The Citadel became the first …

27/01/2022 Machinations

Game Design for Sustainable Web 3.0 Economies

When the economy or progression system of a single-player premium game is out of balance, it has a direct impact on player experience. In the case of Free 2 Play games, having a bad game economy impacts the chances of players spending money or watching ads. ​ With the rise of Play 2 Earn games, …

08/11/2021 Machinations

What is game economy design

As players engage with your game, they gain and consume assets (XP, currencies, items, etc.). Game economy design handles the crafting and balancing of these game systems to translate player engagement into monetization opportunities and embeds them into the core gameplay loop. There are two purposes for game economies. One is to provide players with …

23/08/2021 Machinations

What are game simulations and why should you care?

Recent gaming history has been littered with examples of triple-A games being released well before they are ready. Huge releases from major studios and developers such as Anthem, Cyberpunk 2077, and Fallout 76 have all been released to the public as buggy or highly unbalanced messes. These releases were followed by the predictable fallout as …