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Lay the foundations for a successful career: with comprehensive documentation, and inspiring community examples, Machinations simplifies complex concepts and cultivates a rich set of marketable skills.

Machinations is free for teachers, researchers, and students.


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Complex made simple

Abstract concepts and jargon become effortlessly accessible with Machinations' intuitive diagrammatic language and powerful simulation model, simplifying exploration, communication, and modification of intricate design systems.


Bridge the gap

Machinations links academia and practice with a standardized design language by game design researcher Joris Dormans. Mastering Machinations is a concrete demonstration of design prowess – a measurable, marketable skill.

Easy to master

As a browser-based platform, Machinations works seamlessly across diverse hardware and networks without complex setups. With comprehensive documentation, global community examples, and dedicated educational support, Machinations is accessible for seasoned designers, educators, and students alike


LinkedIn Certification

Empower your game design students with a unique accolade: the 'Machinations Expert' LinkedIn Certification. By incorporating Machinations into your teaching, students not only learn its comprehensive features but also work towards this certification, showcasing their skills and making a significant impact in their career journey.


Academically built & backed

Machinations is deeply anchored in academic foundations, thanks to its creator and Co-Founder, Joris Dormans. As an academic and game designer, Dormans infused Machinations with a robust theoretical framework, transforming complex theories into a practical application that allows designers to simulate and analyze game mechanics visually.


The Origin of Machinations

Joris Dormans' Visionary Journey

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