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21/12/2023 Alexandre

SAML SSO now available for Enterprise Users

In our latest release, we’ve made authentication over SAML SSO available for our Enterprise Users. This feature enable users to sign into multiple applications using just one set of login credentials. Let’s see how your enterprise can benefit from SAML SSO: 🛡️ Enhanced Security With the understanding of the importance of data security for enterprises, the …

11/12/2023 Alexandre

How to use charts Indicators and the new distribution filter

In Machinations, indicators play a crucial role in providing immediate, visual feedback on the performance and status of your models. To use indicators effectively, you can link them to specific nodes in your diagram. For instance, you might attach an indicator to a resource pool to track its Max value across multiple executions. The reason …

13/11/2023 Alexandre

Machinations Now Fully Compatible with Safari

As a team committed to innovation and user-centric design, we understand the importance of cross-platform functionality. Recognizing the substantial user base of Safari, particularly among Apple device enthusiasts, we’ve worked diligently to ensure that Machinations operates flawlessly on this browser. This update opens up a world of possibilities for game designers and system modelers who …

21/11/2022 Machinations

Faster iteration. Clearer diagrams

We’re always looking to improve how Machinations supports articulating your design ideas. Custom variables’ main quest was to introduce external data ingestion and better control when defining the rules of your systems. But they also come with boosts. Faster iteration Custom variables can be referenced by any node or connection needing to access that value. …

12/10/2022 Machinations

Introducing Custom Variables

Data from external sources. Easier maintenance We’ve just pushed one of our major releases yet, which introduces Custom Variables! These types of variables may be used across all your diagrams and can retrieve parameters from external data sources. Custom Variables bring you: The ability to retrieve data from external sources Availability across your account and …

04/08/2021 Mihai

Game balancing with Quick Plays just got 80x faster

Update 8.7.0 represents a huge milestone in our mission to deliver a platform that truly improves your game design process. This update was designed to improve and facilitate game balancing. For the past several months our backend team has focused on delivering faster simulations. We won’t bore you with the under-the-hood details, but let’s see …

15/06/2020 Machinations

Unity Plugin

Sync your design and in-game parameters, automatically For the past months, we’ve been working hard on getting closer to our vision of what Machinations as the Game Design Platform should be. Connecting diagrams to game engines is one of those things. We’re now launching Machinations UP – our Unity Plugin – in closed beta. We’re …

26/04/2020 Dana

💥 Released: Live Collaborative Editing

Craft your games in real-time co-op Get everyone on your team on the same page and using the same platform, with this brand new, shiny Machinations feature. It comes with Version History, so you can keep track of any changes and rollback if you need to, without stressing out. And since you’re getting everyone on …