Game balancing with Quick Plays just got 80x faster

Update 8.7.0 represents a huge milestone in our mission to deliver a platform that truly improves your game design process. This update was designed to improve and facilitate game balancing.

For the past several months our backend team has focused on delivering faster simulations. We won’t bore you with the under-the-hood details, but let’s see what this update means for your workflow.

Faster Simulations 🚀

You can now perform Quick Plays faster than ever before. Depending on the payment plan you’re on, this can mean between 2 to 80 times faster.

Simulate without downtime 🤖

Set the number of Quick Plays and Steps you want the Orchestrator to perform and hit Quick Plays. While they are being processed, you can switch to a different diagram and continue working. The Orchestrator will let you know when your results are ready.

Iterate easier 🤯

Play History now saves all simulations performed on a diagram: yours and your team’s. So iterate away: change parameters, simulate, rinse and repeat. You’ll be able to compare simulation results and load the diagram associated with the results that fit your purpose, with one click… ok, three clicks.

New to Machinations?

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