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Missed our last webinars? The full recordings, presentations, and featured diagrams are available here.

16/11/2021 Machinations

The Metaverse and Web 3.0

The metaverse is a shared space, created by communities or individuals to share information. It has been described as the next evolution of the internet. The metaverse consists of virtual worlds...

29/10/2021 Machinations

High Action and Mobile Shooters – How to achieve fun moment-to-moment gameplay

Calling all game designers looking to create high-action games with twitch-based controls. Alex Clark is a Senior Game Designer from Nitro Games working on the next generation of mobile shooter...

06/10/2021 Machinations

4X and Abstraction in Game Design – How to achieve the “one more turn” effect

All game designers hope to build a game that draws players in and keeps them engaged. During this Machinations webinar we’ll show you how to achieve that. ​Ian Schreiber has been in the video...

23/08/2021 Machinations

What are game simulations and why should you care?

Recent gaming history has been littered with examples of triple-A games being released well before they are ready. Huge releases from major studios and developers such as Anthem, Cyberpunk 2077,...

15/07/2021 Machinations

Modelling Player Behaviour with Machinations

We’re looking at how Machinations can be used to test progression systems for different player profiles and play styles, ranging from casual players to your biggest whales. As well as how different...

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