Game Design for Sustainable Web 3.0 Economies

When the economy or progression system of a single-player premium game is out of balance, it has a direct impact on player experience. In the case of Free 2 Play games, having a bad game economy impacts the chances of players spending money or watching ads. ​

With the rise of Play 2 Earn games, however, the game economy is now at the centre of the game’s whole experience. Failure to properly design and test the economy could result in your game failing before it even gets out the door. ​

During this session, we’re showing how Machinations can be used to model and test different types of Play 2 Earn game economies and how to validate their sustainability. ​

We go over:

  • How Machinations can be used to simulate Play 2 Earn economies
  • What are the potential issues with a Play 2 Earn game economy
  • How Machinations can be used to test different mitigation strategies

Featured diagram:

Webinar: Sustainable Web 3 Economies – MachiCatz