How User Generated Content will lead the Metaverse

In this webinar, we were joined by Rec Room’s Cristopher Ory, Lead Social Designer and Audrey Cox, Senior 3D Artist & Game Designer. We discussed about the Metaverse, UGC and how future game designers can grow a career on their platform.

Rec Room is an optional virtual reality online video game with an integrated game creation system where players can create their own games and play each other’s. In March 2021, Rec Room Inc. announced their Series D funding round of $100 million with a valuation of $1.25 billion to build their Metaverse. Rec Room has more than 5 million rooms for players to explore. More than two million players have built content in Rec Room with 20,000 rooms being created daily by players.

The company aims to continue providing easy tools for their players to create their own games. Their goal is to ultimately turn game creation for their fans from a hobby to a career. This is reminiscent of the early days in the industry where game designers started their careers as modders.