Squid Game: High-stakes Game Design

Similar to pretty much anyone that has a Netflix account these days, we here at Machinations, have been glued to the screen watching Squid Game.

We could not help but wonder about what it must be like to be a game designer in such a dangerous workplace. There must be some immense pressure on your shoulders to make sure that each game is well balanced. You must make sure that the right number of players are eliminated each round and the VIPs get the show they’re expecting.

During this webinar, we’ve built each of the six games in the Squid Game series as Machinations diagrams and tested them out to make sure that the Squid Game Designer can live to design games another day.

This session is perfect for people new to game design thinking and Machinations.

Be warned though, there will be major spoilers ahead!

You will learn:

  • How to apply abstract game design thinking to different situations and games
  • How to build simple models in Machinations
  • How to test the outcomes of your game design decisions