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Kaiju Kingz - P2E Simulator


This machination simulate the new $SCALE and P2E ecosystem for the Kaiju Kingz universe (NFT). For more info, follow Kaiju Kingz on twitter (@KaijuKingz), join the discord ( or see the website ( Have fun ! 
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The diagram represents a Play-to-Earn (P2E) Ecosystem Simulator focused on the dynamics of a fictional game ecosystem involving creatures called Kaijus, token generation, rarity boosters, and mutants with varying DNA extraction chances. It simulates the economy of staking, unstaking, fusing, and upgrading these Kaijus and the impact of these actions on token generation and consumption within the game's economy. The simulator accounts for various operations such as staking Genesis and Baby Kaijus to produce $Scale and consume $Rwaste, the generation of Baby Kaijus by consuming $Rwaste, the influence of rarity boosters on DNA extraction odds, and the impact of mutant tier upgrades on successful DNA extraction percentages. 

Resources are produced, consumed, and transferred through a series of actions like staking, unstaking, fusing baby Kaijus, upgrading mutant tiers, and performing DNA extractions with varying odds of success based on mutant tiers or applied boosters. The diagram further incorporates the mechanics of accumulating tokens in wallets, investing in rarity boosters, and strategic decisions to optimize yield in tokens and successful DNA extractions. The ecosystem's dynamics are influenced by the selection of boosters, the tier of mutants utilized for DNA extraction, and various other strategic actions, showcasing a comprehensive simulation of a P2E game economy tailored for optimizing gameplay strategies and understanding the underlying economic model.


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