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This diagram simulates a dynamic RPG (Role-Playing Game) combat system, focusing on calculating various outcomes of player actions and character attributes. It intricately models how players' attributes such as attack strength, defense, speed, and stamina impact combat mechanics, including dealing or blocking damage, critical hits, and the ability to counter-attack or stun opponents. Specific nodes represent player stats which, through a series of calculations and conditional logic, result in outcomes like hit or miss, critical damage infliction, or successful defense against attacks.

The system utilizes a mixture of deterministic and probabilistic elements to simulate combat. Various gates calculate the likelihood of certain events--such as hitting an opponent or executing a critical attack--based on player attributes and enemy defenses. Registers apply formulas to modify or calculate new values like attack strength or block penetration, denoting the complex interplay between different combat factors. Pool cells accumulate and signify resources or outcomes such as the number of successful hits or the accumulation of damage. This simulation provides a detailed framework for understanding how different character attributes and player decisions impact the overall combat experience in an RPG, offering insights into game balancing and character development strategies.


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