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“Machinations has improved the way we prototype, helping us create better features faster.”
Ioana Cazacu - Game Designer

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Machinations is a place for all the real-life data points to land and verify our assumptions and/or change the model.
Maja From Andersen
Machinations gives you absolute freedom in modeling any part of the game: gameplay loop, state machines, AI, neural networks, live-ops, meta-game, or a berry field in a new farming game. If you like flowcharts and numbers, try Machinations.
Mateusz Dzikowski
I just got around to play my first Machinations graph! Dove right into it and skipped all tutorials. I looked at some of the library examples and it took me about an hour to achieve my goal.
Olle Lundahl

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Machinations is the leading destination to find & showcase game design systems, and home to the world’s largest community of game design professionals.

A scientific workflow tied into your game design process


Validate the flow of your core loop and iterate ideas efficiently before writing a single line of code.


Make well-informed design decisions by understanding how one change may affect the overall outcome of your game before soft-launch.


Calibrate your assumptions by cross-referencing player data with your model and simulating changes against hundreds of real players.

Live Ops

Safeguard your existing player base and ensure new updates maintain game balance for all players.

4 hours to learn, 4 days to master
According to our study of over 18k designers
Seamless workflow integrations

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Foundation & Academia

Machinations was originally developed as an academic product by Joris Dormans during his PhD at the University of Amsterdam. Together with Ernest Adams, he co-authored “Game Mechanics: Advanced Game Design”. The book teaches you to craft mechanics that generate challenging, enjoyable, and well-balanced gameplay and we strongly recommend a copy.

+350 Academic Institutions are already teaching Machinations

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Powering top studios around the World

+350 Academic Institutions are already teaching Machinations

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