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This diagram models an experience point (XP) system that simulates the process of gaining XP and leveling up in a game or simulation context. It incorporates various activities and outcomes that lead to the accumulation and management of XP. Different combat outcomes (like combat ending, winning combat, hero survival), as well as the duration of combat measured in turns, influence the amount of XP gained. Specific gains are defined for combat durations ranging from 1 to 10 turns, and options exist for scenarios beyond 10 turns. XP gains from these activities are pooled into an "XP" pool, from which XP is used to potentially increase a player's level. The leveling mechanism is governed by converters that turn accumulated XP into levels, factoring in the increasing XP requirement per level via state connections that modify the XP threshold needed for each subsequent level. Additionally, there is a probabilistic component that dictates whether certain actions lead to a gain or a loss, reflecting the uncertainty inherent in game situations or decisions that impact the accumulation of XP and the leveling process. 

The system includes gates and converters that manage how XP is translated into levels and how different combat outcomes affect XP gains. The variety of input sources for XP (combat outcomes, survival, and combat duration) and the mechanism for leveling up (with increasing XP requirements for each level) closely mimic the dynamics of role-playing games where character progression is a core element. The probabilistic outcomes and varied XP sources give a nuanced view of how different factors contribute to character development. Overall, this diagram elegantly encapsulates the multifaceted process of earning XP and leveling up in an interactive simulation or game environment, highlighting the role of chance, strategic decision-making, and different in-game actions on player progression.


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