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Mobile F2P Game Chest Example


An example of F2P chest system, where having more than one of the same Character/Power Up will let it Level Up (max 5 Levels). Each chest also gives an amount of Coins and Gems (adjust each Weight to 0 or 1 to have a better understanding of chest/currency correlation).
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This diagram represents a complex system designed to simulate the mechanics of acquiring, upgrading, and utilizing items within a gaming context, specifically focusing on chests, skins, power-ups, and characters. At its core, the system facilitates the generation and distribution of resources such as "Gems" and "Coins," which are central to operationalizing the game's economy. These resources are obtained from various types of chests (Normal, Special, Rare) which periodically become available to the player. Additionally, the diagram intricately models the mechanism of receiving new skins and the process of character and power-up upgrades, incorporating randomness in chest contents and upgrade opportunities, thus mimicking the probability-based outcomes found in many games. 

The system further allows for the interactive selection and upgrading of characters and power-ups, mirroring player choices and actions within actual gameplay. Gates and converters regulate the flow of resources and the activation of specific events, such as opening chests or applying upgrades, thereby adding layers of strategy and decision-making. The presence of pools for individual skins and level upgrades for characters and power-ups demonstrates a comprehensive tracking and management system for in-game assets. Registers calculate total upgrades and interactively track the progress, which reflects upon the overall game dynamics, potentially affecting the gameplay experience based on accumulated upgrades and resources. Overall, this diagram intricately simulates the intertwined systems of resource management, asset acquisition, and strategy, characteristic of many modern games.


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