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MRUN NFT tournament simulation


This is the simulation of the tournament process made in a need to see the amount of BUSD that would be spent by users according to the current structure of matchmaking probability.
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This diagram models a competitive system where various tiers of items or skills, characterized as "legendary," "epic," "classic," and "common (free)," engage in a series of match-ups leading to distinctions between "winners" and "losers." These match-ups are governed by a "matching process" through automatic, dice-distribution gates, which likely simulate the randomness of outcomes in competitive scenarios. Resources start in pools representing the different item tiers and move through the system, undergoing transformations and reclassifications based on the outcomes of these competitions. Specific gates and resource connections apply probabilities and fixed ratios to redistribute these resources, simulating a scenario where, after each round of competition, items are re-evaluated and categorized into new classes or tiers based on their performance.

Additionally, there is a mechanism for generating "tough" and "easy" batches, suggesting a dynamic difficulty adjustment or a selective process where entities are redistributed based on their performance outcomes. This is further complemented by registers and state connections that modify conditions or values within the system, perhaps simulating external factors or decision-making processes affecting the competition's outcomes. This diagram abstractly models a system where competition results in redistribution and reclassification, incorporating both random and deterministic elements to mimic a dynamic competitive environment.


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