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This diagram represents a simulated economy system focused on the dynamics of tokens within a cryptocurrency or blockchain-related context. It defines several sources of token generation, such as "Staking," "Bribes," and "Emissions," indicating mechanisms through which tokens can be introduced into the system. These tokens are managed through various pools that represent different stages or actions within the economy, such as "Tokens," "Treasury," "free circulate," "staking," and rewards management. Important actions within this economy include the allocation of newly earned tokens, the decision-making process represented by the "Player Choice" gate (determining token distribution between staking and free circulation), and the movement of tokens into and out of a liquidity mechanism denoted as "Liquid Lockers - selling bribes." 

Furthermore, the system illustrates a detailed process of how tokens influence the treasury and rewards pool through state connections, which modulate the flow according to pre-defined formulas relating to selling strategies and self-voting mechanisms. The diagram also emphasizes the accumulative effect on the total supply of two different types of tokens, "SPR" and "CRV," showing how activities within the system contribute to the overall token supply. Overall, this diagram provides a comprehensive look at how tokens can be generated, allocated, and utilized within a simulated digital economy, highlighting the interconnectedness of various elements such as staking, liquidity, and treasury management.


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