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FinDaS Token economy


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This diagram outlines a simplified yet comprehensive simulation of a token economy, developed to model complex systems like consensus stake rates, DeFi product interactions, or Play-and-Earn tokenomics. It incorporates elements critical to understanding the flow and distribution of tokens within a simulated economic environment. The diagram features a token distribution module, where tokens are allocated for sale, awarded as rewards, or distributed among founders, and a user agent model that reacts to the market based on an optimism score, influencing decisions to sell, hold, or add liquidity. It also includes a company performance tracking component, where generated revenue and token burning are accounted for, offering insights into the economic impact of these actions.

At the heart of the simulation is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) trading module, which handles liquidity and price mechanics akin to platforms like Uniswap. This module is dynamically interacted with through pools representing various states like token sale, rewards, USDC balance, and liquidity added sectors. The interaction between these pools, through transactions and liquidity providing actions, directly affects the market's liquidity and token price. By running the simulation, one can observe the effects of user actions and company performance on token price and distribution, offering valuable insights into potential real-world token economy dynamics.


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