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This diagram models a survival scenario focused on managing health, exposure, hydration, stamina, and sustenance as core elements. It starts with resources such as Health, Hydration, and Sustenance, which are vital for the player's survival. The diagram accounts for negative impacts using Drains labeled Shelter, Hunger, Thirst, and Bleed, representing the constant challenge to maintain health and other resources above critical levels. The scenario promotes interactive engagement through elements like Scavenge!, Eat, and Use, which are controlled by the player to acquire and utilize resources to manage their survival state effectively.

The system also includes mechanisms for injury and recovery, as illustrated by elements like Laceration and Regen, as well as elements for crafting and improving equipment, such as Craft Basic First Aid and Upgrade Armor. Resource dynamics are governed by Converters, Gates, and Delays which model complex interactions such as finding or losing items, encountering events, and processing food or water. The survival scenario is intricately designed with conditions and triggers to simulate a challenging environment, including end conditions that lead to failure if critical resources are depleted. Through this complex interplay of resources, actions, and events, players must strategically manage their survival against the relentless pressures of the environment.


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