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Stardew Valley Starfruit


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This diagram simulates an agricultural economy centered around the cultivation and processing of Starfruit in a game setting, capturing the seasonal aspect of farming and the strategic decisions a player makes in managing resources for profit. It encompasses a series of interconnected processes involving the planting of seeds, harvesting, and the conversion of harvested crops into more valuable products like jam and wine, reflecting a comprehensive farm-to-market cycle.

In essence, the diagram models resource flow from planting seeds (represented as a pool node where seeds can be planted interactively) to harvesting crops of varying quality (standard, silver, gold) distinguished by a random quality distribution gate. These crops are then converted into different products, with their value predicated on the quality of the input crop. Moreover, the diagram considers the management of farm capacity and available resources for making wine, selling products, and upgrading farming tools. It stresses strategic investment, as players must decide when to sell their crops directly or process them into more value-added products. The cyclical nature is highlighted by various sources and drains, representing the flow of time (days accumulated), the act of tilling the land, and the periodic decision points like selling the harvest or purchasing barrels for wine production. State and resource connections elucidate the interdependencies among different farm activities and their impact on the player's financial resources, represented as a pool labeled "Dineros", and farm capabilities, enhancing the strategic depth of gameplay.


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