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Loot drop system


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This diagram models a game's loot and currency system focused on player engagement with various enemies and the subsequent acquisition of resources and items. In this interactive economy, players encounter different foes such as spiders, boars, and bandits, each with specific loot tables determined by deterministic and random gates. When a player fights an enemy, designated by interactive sources, these gates simulate the dropping of various types of coins (copper, silver, and gold) and items (swords, clubs, pistols) with defined probabilities. The loot distribution is managed through a network of resource connections, each with formulas dictating the drop rates and quantities, enhancing the realism and unpredictability of the combat rewards.

Furthermore, the diagram incorporates registers that calculate the value of each coin type collected by the player, using defined conversion rates to equate quantities of one resource to another, thus simulating an in-game economy. Pools collect and store these resources, indicating the current amounts of each type of currency and item a player possesses. State connections are employed to modify the system's state based on the accumulation of resources, thereby providing a dynamic response to player actions and maintaining an evolving game economy. This setup allows for a complex and engaging gameplay experience, where the outcome of each encounter can significantly impact the player's wealth and inventory, driving further game exploration and strategy formulation.


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