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This diagram represents a simulated game economy system that tracks a player's accumulation of money and progression through different levels. At the core of this system is a Source node that generates an unspecified but potentially infinite amount of resources, symbolically representing money. This money is periodically transferred to a Pool labeled "Player's Money" at a variable rate determined by a dice roll, simulating the unpredictability of earning money within the game. The accumulation of money is linked to the player's progression through a Converter node, which acts on a fixed interval, transferring resources to another Pool labeled "Current Level," effectively simulating the player's advancement based on their financial state. 

The system also includes a State Connection that modifies the resource transfer rate to the "Current Level" pool based on the level itself, introducing an element of progression complexity or difficulty scaling. As the player progresses, the requirement or cost to advance to the next level dynamically adjusts, reflecting a typical game mechanic where higher levels require more effort, time, or resources to reach. This entire setup provides a foundational model for a game's economic system, focusing on how players can earn money and use it to progress through levels, with built-in variability and scaling challenge mechanisms.


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