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This diagram represents a resource distribution system designed to allocate resources among different rarity pools represented as "Common", "Uncommon", "Rare", and "Ultra Rare". The system starts with a single Source node that automatically generates an infinite supply of resources, symbolized by black-colored resources. A Gate node, operating under a passive activation mode and utilizing a dice distribution, directs the flow of these resources to the various pools based on predefined percentages, mimicking a loot box or gacha system where items are distributed based on their rarity.

Upon activation, the Source node sends a constant flow of resources to the Gate, which then probabilistically distributes these resources into the four pools. The distribution percentages are set such that 70% of resources go to the "Common" pool, 25% to the "Uncommon" pool, 5% to the "Rare" pool, and a very small percentage likely routes to the "Ultra Rare" pool, although the specific value for the ultra-rare distribution isn't directly specified in the description, it can be inferred from the provided percentages and the structure's intention. This setup creates a dynamic system where, over time, the majority of resources accumulate in the pool designated for common items, with progressively fewer resources in the pools for more rare items, accurately reflecting the rarity tiers typically found in gaming economies or collectible distributions.


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