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This diagram represents a complex game mechanics system focusing on combat encounters, resource accumulation, and character progression within a gaming environment. The system models various encounters a player can have, such as confronting enemies like thieves, thugs, and bosses. These encounters lead to various outcomes such as kills, which are tracked in pools for each enemy type (e.g., "TotalKills," "Thieves killed," "Thugs killed," "Bosses killed") and could result in the player's death, also tracked in pools such as "Deaths by thief," "Deaths by thug," and "Deaths by boss." 

Key elements contributing to the player's progression include experience gains and level-ups, with experience being awarded for defeating different types of enemies. The diagram also models the economic aspects of the game, like currency and gear drops from enemies, which are separated into categories such as gems, weapons, and armor. Converters in the system simulate the conversion of these drops into usable items or currency, demonstrating how different resources interact within the game's economy. Gates manage the flow of resources based on determinants like player level or encounter types, affecting the overall gameplay dynamics such as the frequency of encounters and their difficulty. Registers use formulas to calculate transformations or progressions, such as experience required for the next level or the outcome of engaging with various items, enhancing the depth of the game's mechanics by integrating conditional actions and reactions based on the state of the game.


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