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This diagram models a complex economic and strategic game environment, incorporating various elements like player actions, resource management, bonus mechanics, and game outcomes. At its core, it delineates how players can generate resources through actions like attacking, defending, and participating in lotteries, and how these resources flow through the game's economy. Players engage in matches, where their decisions directly influence the accumulation and spending of resources on upgrades, actions, or in-game purchases. The diagram meticulously tracks resource transactions, from simple exchanges to more elaborate processes like converting resources for specific outcomes or reinvesting earnings into strategic advantages.

Furthermore, the model accentuates the impact of player decisions on the overall state and progression within the game, highlighting mechanisms such as bonus accrual, the strategic use of resources to influence match outcomes, and the role of external factors like lotteries. It underscores the delicate balance between resource acquisition, player strategy, and investment, showing the interconnectedness of game elements that contribute to a dynamic and engaging player experience. Through this holistic approach, the diagram serves as an extensive representation of a game's economic and strategic framework, offering insights into the player-driven economy and the multifaceted decision-making processes that propel the game forward.


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