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This diagram models a complex game mechanics system focusing on player progression, specifically upgrading equipment, and resource management associated with winning or losing matches. Resources such as Flintlock Pistol, Captain's Hat, Captain's Hook, Turtle Shell, Dagger, Broken Bottle, and various types of coins flow through different nodes representing upgrades, levels, and conversion to higher-tier items. Sources generate initial resources, which pools accumulate. Converters are used to transform resources from one form to another, simulating the enhancement or leveling up of equipment. Gates control the distribution based on conditions, and drains remove resources from the system, symbolizing expenditures or losses.

The mechanisms include the exchange between winning or losing states and their impact on the player's resources, highlighted by specialized pools for "Win" and "Lose" states and trophies. Actions such as "Play Match" and "XP to Level" reflect player interactions and progression. Different equipment pieces like "Flintlock Pistol" and "Captains Hat" can be upgraded, impacting the overall capabilities of the player within the game context. This diagram serves as a versatile tool for analyzing the dynamics of resource management, equipment upgrading, and player progression within a game or any other system with similar mechanics.


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