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This diagram represents a complex system for managing virtual economy tokens (VE Tokens) within different lockup periods and wallets, simulating a blockchain or cryptocurrency-like economy. At its core, the system includes mechanisms for generating VE Tokens, distributing them into various lockup pools (>90 Day Escrow, >180 Day Lock, and >365 Lock), and moving them between different wallets (Wallet1 to Wallet6) based on specific conditions and computations.

The main pool begins with a large number of tokens (100,000), which are then processed through gates that control their flow into lockup pools based on deterministic and random criteria. These tokens can be added, accumulated, or transformed via converters and registers which apply formulas to simulate various economic scenarios like changes in token value, distribution ratios among wallets, or the total amount of tokens at specific intervals. Registers track and manipulate the state of the economy based on inputs such as the addition of new tokens or the transfer between wallets, applying mathematical operations that represent economic rules (e.g., token appreciation, depreciation, or reallocation based on predefined criteria). The system not only manages the flow and storage of tokens within it but also simulates the dynamic aspects of a virtual economy, including how tokens might be locked for periods or distributed among participants, reflecting a versatile framework for economic simulation in digital ecosystems.


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