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This diagram represents a complex, multi-faceted system designed for a crafting-based video game that incorporates elements of resource management, player progression, and monetization through in-app purchases (IAPs). At its core, the system simulates a virtual economy where various sources generate raw materials – such as stones, plants, trees, and animals – which are then transformed into intermediate goods or directly used to craft final products like vehicles, weapons, and cosmetics through a series of automatic and interactive converters. These goods can affect player experience (XP) levels or be made available in the player's inventory. Additionally, certain goods like pets or gunpowder have specific crafting paths requiring distinct resources and processing steps.

Interconnected with the crafting system is a player progression model that uses experience points generated by engaging with the game's crafting and exploration features, thus simulating a player's journey through the game. This progression influences the availability of in-app purchases, with the system offering various IAP options based on the player's progress stage, denoted by their crafting achievements and XP level. These purchases can yield resources, crafting materials, or exclusive items, adding a monetization angle to the game's economy. The diagram also includes mechanisms to simulate time passage and its impact on resource accumulation and item crafting, incorporating randomness to reflect the uncertain nature of resource availability and crafting outcomes, aligning closely with mechanics found in many free-to-play or freemium game models.


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