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This diagram represents a gaming economy, specifically focusing on an aspect where players can acquire various items such as keys, chests, and skins through gameplay and microtransactions. At the heart of this system are two sources: "Win Game" and "Buy & Open Chest," which introduce resources into the economy. These resources flow through a series of gates, which simulate chance mechanisms determining the outcomes - whether players receive key fragments, different grades of items (S-grade or higher), hextech chests, or encounter a chance for microtransactions.

The resources collected from winning games or buying and opening chests can be transformed into keys through a converter, or can result in opening chests to obtain various game skins – ranging from normal to ultimate skins, alongside other items like champion shards, emote permanents, ward skin shards, and summoner icon shards. The distribution of these items is governed by probability gates, representing the drop chance of each item type. The system also includes a mechanism for converting key fragments into keys, highlighting a crafting component within the game's economy. Registers in the diagram calculate the total number of skins obtained and the revenue generated by Riot Games from microtransactions. This economic model offers insight into how resources are earned, transformed, and consumed within the game, impacting player engagement and revenue generation for the game developers.


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