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The diagram models a tavern management system simulating customer orders, inventory management, and resource allocation for a tavern-themed game. It integrates various components to track and manage financial resources, customer influx, available quests, and tavern furniture, updating these variables as the game progresses through interaction and automatic processes. Gates trigger different events like customer orders and tavern closure, while pools store resources like money, number of days, customers per day, unassigned quests, and inventory such as ale, wine, raw steak, and raw sausage. Sources constantly generate new resources like customers and quests. The system also factors in the furniture needed (e.g., chairs, benches, tables), with converters simulating purchasing furniture or ingredients for the tavern.

The intricate flow of resources between nodes, influenced by predefined conditions and probabilities, demonstrates a dynamic economy and customer service operation. Registers calculate changes based on interactions (e.g., steak or sausage orders influencing inventory levels) and adjustments are made based on the game's ongoing state. The management of resources and customer orders is balanced with the financial upkeep of the tavern, showcasing a comprehensive simulation of tavern operations where managing finances, customer satisfaction, and inventory are pivotal for success.


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