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This diagram portrays a complex system that integrates multiple functionalities for managing and distributing resources, reflecting a versatile simulation or game economy mechanism. Initially, it seems to encompass a series of resource pools, which interact with sources, drains, converters, and various types of gates and connections to model a dynamic flow and transformation of resources. The presence of a source node indicates the inception point of resources entering the system. These resources then navigate through an intricate network of pools, where they are stored temporarily. 

The diagram includes mechanisms for modifying the quantities and flow rates of resources, as seen in the various resource connections detailed with formulas for deterministic and probabilistic flows, as well as state connections that manipulate the state of nodes based on certain conditions or modifiers. Converters in the system signify the transformation process, where certain types of resources are potentially converted into different forms or values, thereby adding a layer of complexity to the simulation. The incorporation of a drain node points towards an intentional removal or consumption of resources from the system, which can be critical for maintaining balance or achieving specific objectives within the simulation. Through the strategic placement and connection of these nodes, the diagram aims to model a comprehensive and interactive economic system, complete with mechanisms for resource generation, storage, transformation, and depletion, simulating a real-world or fictional economy.


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