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This diagram represents a complex character development system for role-playing games (RPGs), specifically focusing on trait allocation and modification. Each character can acquire positive traits, such as "Amphibious", enabling swimming without speed penalty, or "Signature Combo", allowing spell casting after a non-spell attack, among others. These traits are acquired using points from resources like "Total Points". Characters also face choices regarding negative traits that provide additional points for character development, such as "Clueless" or "Short-term Memory". These traits often come with specific conditions or penalties, like reduced perception or a requirement for more sleep.

The system incorporates a rich variety of modifiers, including STACKING traits that can be acquired multiple times for cumulative effects, UPGRADE options to enhance traits' power, and COMPENSATION mechanisms allowing players to decrease trait costs by accepting restrictions. Resources move between pools (representing traits and attributes) and are influenced by converters and gates, simulating decisions and character evolution. Overall, the diagram outlines a detailed framework for creating and evolving RPG characters, emphasizing customizability and strategic resource management for trait acquisition and modification.


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