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Tower Defense


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This diagram models a game scenario encompassing the dynamic spawn system and enemy behavior in a day-night cycle environment. It incorporates mechanisms to simulate the daytime and nighttime phases in the game, triggering different events based on these cycles. During the day, enemy units, referred to as "Igor," are generated periodically at a predefined interval (every 30 seconds), simulating enemy spawns over time. This spawn mechanism leverages a combination of sources, delays, pools, and gates to distribute enemies randomly among various spawn points within the game environment. Each spawn point has the capacity to accumulate a specific range of enemy units per interval, ensuring a staggered release of enemies to maintain gameplay balance. Additionally, the system introduces unique enemy behaviors, including enemies that jump in a clockwise direction after a set period, suggesting strategies for player defense construction, and teleporting enemies aimed at disorienting the player, indicating advanced levels of gameplay difficulty. Through these interactions, the diagram effectively delineates a complex ecosystem of enemy spawning and behaviors influenced by time cycles, promoting strategic planning and adaptation by the player.


Tower Defense
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