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Pirates Game


On a silent sea in the metaverse, an armada of ships voyage uncovering the enigmatic Treasure($TRS). With more $TRS, the merchants can purchase more Ships!
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This diagram is a complex simulation model of a game's economy, incorporating elements like resource generation, risk management, trading, and staking incentives within a game environment. At its core, the model utilizes multiple sources to generate resources like TRS and various pools to store these resources, representing different economic activities or assets such as risk management pools, stake rewards, and circulating supplies. The interactions between these elements, facilitated through gates, converters, and state connections, mimic the players' decisions and their impact on the game's economy, such as staking tokens, claiming rewards, or engaging in trades, which in turn affect the overall resource circulation and distribution.

Key mechanisms include staking processes with associated rewards and penalties, trade and tax implications on transactions, and dynamics like risk on/off conditions affecting the flow of resources and the decisions players make. Registers calculate complex relationships and outcomes like price impacts of tokens, demand variations, and wealth concentration, offering insights into economic balance within the game. The model likely aims to evaluate and balance the game's economic incentives, ensuring a sustainable and engaging experience for players by simulating various strategies and their potential impacts on the game's ecosystem.


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