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ETH Inflation


Projected distribution of circulating supply
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This diagram models a cryptocurrency staking and rewards distribution system. It begins with resources generated by a Source, which are then manipulated through a combination of Gates, Registers, and Pools to simulate different aspects of a blockchain ecosystem. Key components include Liquid Staking, Centralized Exchanges (CEXs), Whales, Staking Pools, and an unspecified category of Others, each represented by Pool nodes storing variable amounts of resources. The system employs automatic Gates to distribute initial resources among these pools as well as calculate monthly Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and stake growth. Registers are used extensively to perform calculations such as APY computation, rewards allocation among different types of stakers, and the overall growth rate of staked assets. The Registers work by aggregating resources from multiple sources, applying formulas like percentage increases and direct resource addition, and then redistributing them based on predefined logic—to calculate rewards, determine total supply, and assess concentrated supply within the ecosystem. The system also incorporates State Connections to dynamically adjust values and operations based on the current state of resources, facilitating a comprehensive simulation of staking rewards distribution and its impact on the supply dynamics over time within the cryptocurrency landscape.


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