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Subway Surfers - Gameplay loop and monetization


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This diagram represents a complex gaming ecosystem focusing on resource management, player progression, and revenue generation aspects of a hypothetical game. It encompasses various elements such as the acquisition and consumption of keys and coins, player revival mechanisms, advertisement interactions, and purchasing options, each contributing to the dynamics of the game's economy. The system simulates the flow of in-game currency and items (keys, coins, hoverboards, boosters) through purchases, gameplay actions, and ad revivals, impacting the player's score, available resources, and the game's overall revenue.

At the heart of the diagram are the sources generating resources like keys and coins, either through direct purchases or in-game activities, feeding into pools that store these resources. These pools interact with each other and with other elements like converters (for buying boosters or hoverboards using coins) and gates that dictate the resource flow based on conditions like scores or revival costs. Drains capture the usage or loss of resources, effectively removing them from the game's economy. Registers calculate dynamic values, such as the increasing cost of player revival, influencing the game's difficulty and player engagement strategies. The comprehensive interaction between these elements provides insights into the player's journey through the game, highlighting mechanisms for engagement, monetization, and player retention.


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