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This diagram represents a basic resource management system where resources are produced, collected, and eventually consumed. At the core of the system, there's a source node labeled "Produce" that generates resources at an unspecified rate. These resources are then directed to a pool node labeled "Collect," which acts as a temporary storage or collection point. From this pool, resources are moved to a drain node labeled "Consume," where they are effectively removed from the system, simulating consumption or depletion of resources.

The resource flow from the source to the pool is facilitated by a connection with a fixed flow rate of 2 resources per time step, ensuring a steady supply of resources into the pool. From the pool to the drain, resources are transferred at a rate of 1 resource per time step, indicating that consumption occurs at a slower pace than production. This arrangement demonstrates a simple cycle of production, accumulation, and consumption, which could serve as the foundation for more complex economic or ecological models. The interactive nature of the consume node suggests a mechanism where the act of consumption could be controlled or triggered by an external agent or system condition, adding an element of interactivity or decision-making to the system's dynamics.


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