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A series of articles on how you can use Machinations to make informed game design decisions, reduce guesswork, and spot flaws in your game.

08/09/2022 Machinations

The Machinations Manifesto For Building Sustainable Game Economies – The Design Pillars

In less than a decade, the video gaming industry has undergone a radical transformation. The web3 gaming revolution is now in full swing, with developers harnessing the power of blockchain technology...

29/08/2022 Machinations

How to build your game loops in Machinations

​To develop a game, you must boil it down to its most essential parts and figure out where it falls short. That's why it's crucial to get your core loops right and to prototype them as soon as...

24/05/2022 Machinations

Community Spotlight – Bringing balance to the void

In our latest Community Spotlight, we catch up with spacedog, one of the makers of the game Void Runners, a blockchain game of decision-making and strategy, set in a sprawling sci-fi...

03/05/2022 Machinations

How to design a puzzle game

Image : Dorfromantik, Toukana Interactive  Designing a puzzle game can be a daunting task. There are so many elements that go into making a good one, from the mechanics to the systems to the...

13/01/2022 Machinations

What are hypercasual games?

Hypercasual games are a new genre of games that is taking the world by storm. They combine hyper-simple gameplay, hyper-short duration, and hyper-social features to create an entirely new gaming...

13/12/2021 Machinations

Squid Game: High-stakes Game Design

Similar to pretty much anyone that has a Netflix account these days, we here at Machinations, have been glued to the screen watching Squid Game. We could not help but wonder about what it must be...

29/10/2021 Machinations

High Action and Mobile Shooters – How to achieve fun moment-to-moment gameplay

Calling all game designers looking to create high-action games with twitch-based controls. Alex Clark is a Senior Game Designer from Nitro Games working on the next generation of mobile shooter...

18/10/2021 Machinations

Affordances in game systems design

Image Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Naughty Dog   Have you ever played a game where you instinctively know what to do as soon as you pick up the controller? All the elements of the games are...

06/10/2021 Machinations

4X and Abstraction in Game Design – How to achieve the “one more turn” effect

All game designers hope to build a game that draws players in and keeps them engaged. During this Machinations webinar we’ll show you how to achieve that. ​Ian Schreiber has been in the video...

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