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ABS - MYTH Sink & Source


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This diagram models a game progression system focusing on the player's journey through chapters, resource accumulation, and expenditure on game elements such as upgrading and unlocking new chapters. It intricately maps out how players complete various chapters - represented by Source nodes generating resources upon completion ("Ch. 0" to "Ch. 16"), and how this progress translates into acquiring a resource (called "MYTH") from different game activities - floors of towers, labyrinths, and specific chapters leading to a collective pool labeled "Total Myth Gained".

The system further delves into resource management, detailing how MYTH is allocated towards unlocking newer chapters, upgrading, and other expenditures, each act reflected in pools denoting MYTH spent for specific activities. Critical to the gameplay experience, the diagram integrates mechanisms for spending frequency, associating resource expenditure with the passage of game time ("Day" Pool) and the effectiveness of such actions towards game advancement. Notably, the diagram emphasizes the dynamic nature of resource management with Registers calculating the current owned MYTH, factoring in expenditure and acquisition.

Utilizing Gates and End Conditions, it simulates decision-making paths or automatic triggers based on the player's progress or specific conditions being met, like achieving a certain MYTH threshold. This setup allows for a responsive game environment that evolves based on player choices and progression, where the accumulation and strategic use of resources directly influence the pace and direction of the game. Through its complex interconnections and nodes, the diagram reveals a system designed for sustained player engagement, balancing resource generation, and consumption within a continuously unfolding game narrative.


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