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ABS - Fight Club Profit


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This diagram models an intricate competition system, focusing on tracking and managing diverse elements like entrance fees, participant numbers, daily activities, and various resources including 'Myth Injected', 'Refill Ticket Price', 'Total Refresh', 'Total Refill Ticket', and more. It intricately simulates the dynamics of wins, losses, defense strategies, and the impact of NFT bonuses on the competition's outcome. The system also accounts for non-participant roles and different ranking mechanisms, calculating their respective impacts on the distribution of rewards and profits. Central to this model is the calculation of scores, win rates, and resource allocation, adjusted through several modifiers based on activities and achievements within the system. Registers and converters within the model are used for complex calculations and transformations of resources, simulating the flow and consumption of resources through the competition. Gates are strategically utilized to trigger action sequences, influencing the progression of the competition and the distribution of rewards. The design encompasses the simulation of a pseudo-competitive environment, including the generation of competitors' scores, the influence of NFTs, and the adjustment of prices and rates for various activities. This comprehensive model serves as a dynamic simulation tool for analyzing the economics and strategic maneuvers within a competitive framework, making it suited for both theoretical studies and practical applications in gaming economics or similar competitive scenarios.


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