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This diagram illustrates a complex system designed to simulate the economics and mechanics of resource management and progression commonly seen in gaming environments. The system encompasses the generation of resources, their transformation, and eventual consumption or utilization towards achieving predefined objectives. Resources, represented by tokens, originate from Source nodes, which depict various inputs such as initial resources or conditions for winning and losing. These tokens are processed through a series of Pools that represent various states or assets within the system, such as materials (e.g., Cardboard, Leather, Silver, Gold), milestones, or game states (Win, Lose).

The flow of resources within the system is managed by Converters, which transform inputs into different forms, and Gates that control the distribution based on specific conditions. Registers perform calculations and store values that influence the system's state, such as time tracking or conditional flags. Drains are used to remove resources from the system, simulating consumption or loss. The system also employs State Connections to modify node states or trigger actions based on certain criteria, enhancing the dynamic interplay between different elements.

Overall, the diagram models a comprehensive economic system with progression mechanics where resources are generated, manipulated, and utilized towards achieving goals or maintaining operational cycles. It incorporates elements of randomness, conditional logic, and resource management to closely mimic the complex decision-making and strategic planning found in game economies.


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