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This diagram models a gaming experience with resource management, strategy elements, and game progression elements designed to represent a player's journey through various stages of the game, including starting at a home screen, choosing to play, potentially upgrading, and looped gameplay with win or loss outcomes. The core loop features a "Play Core loop" pool, which is pivotal in determining the gameplay experience's direction depending on the player's actions and the game's outcome. Players start with a "Home screen" and can decide to play, leading them to a "Play" state or possibly an "Upgrade" state. The flow of resources through these options can lead back to the "Play Core loop", suggesting a looped gameplay experience. 

Game outcomes are nuanced with pools for "Win", "Lose", and different win and loss conditions (e.g., "Close Win Diff <$15", "Average Win Diff <$100"), indicating a matchmaking or scoring system that affects the gameplay loop based on the margin of victory or defeat. Gates and randomized resource connections facilitate dynamic state changes and resource flows, simulating uncertainty and variable player experiences. For example, resources from a win can be distributed randomly to signify different outcomes like "Close Win", "Average Win", etc., and similarly for losses. This design indicates a sophisticated model incorporating game dynamics, player progression, and the impact of game outcomes on player choices and game flow.


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