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This diagram models a manufacturing process, specifically focusing on the assembly stages of vehicle construction. It outlines the flow of materials through various stages of the build process, starting from raw materials such as "Side Panels", "Under Body", "Front Floor", "Rear Floor", progressing through intermediate assembly stages like "Side Panel Assemblies", "Front+Rear Subassembly", "Main Body", culminating in the final product depicted as "Full Frame". The diagram employs dynamic elements such as Sources, Delays, Converters, and Pools to simulate the production line, with Sources generating new build requests ("Build new"), Delays representing the build in progress, and Converters for assembling various components. Pools are utilized to hold intermediate products at different stages of the assembly process. 

Interactive Registers define critical variables such as "Shipping time", "No. of workstations", and "Build time", allowing for adjustments to simulate changes in the production capabilities and timelines. The flow of resources between stages is managed through Resource Connections, employing formulas to represent the transfer rates and conditions. State Connections modify the behavior of the production line based on the status of various nodes such as the number of workstations available, thus dynamically adjusting the production flow according to current demands and capacities. This model facilitates the exploration of the manufacturing efficiency and the impact of different production strategies by visualizing and simulating how changes in one part of the process can affect the overall output and timelines.


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