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This diagram models a resource management system inspired by the gameplay mechanics of Dark Souls, where players engage in combat to defeat enemies, collect souls, and level up their power to tackle increasingly difficult bosses. Starting with a base pool of resources represented as "Power," players can "Kill Monsters" to "Earn Souls." These souls act as a gateway to either engage in boss fights or to reinvest in getting stronger, simulating the game's loop of grinding for better stats and equipment before facing more significant challenges.

The system includes automatic feedback loops where defeating monsters and bosses results in gaining resources that can be used to further power up the player or to attempt more boss fights. The inclusion of gates and resource connections with formulas introduce variability and strategic decision-making into the loop, reflecting the risk versus reward aspect of Dark Souls. Players must decide between the immediate gratification of attempting a boss fight with their current power level or the potentially higher payoff of grinding to increase their power, thus enhancing their success rate against bosses. This mechanic is further emphasized by connections that allow for the reinvestment of resources into "Power" based on outcomes of fights and the collection of souls, highlighting the game's emphasis on player choice and progression strategy.


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