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Gladiator Versus Battle

Bogdan Florea
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This diagram depicts a complex system for simulating a battle between two combatants, incorporating elements of randomness, strategic gear choices, and statistical comparisons to determine outcomes. The setup involves various resource pools representing attributes such as Armor, Attack, and Evasion rate, as well as gear items like Swords, Shields, Boots, and more. Converters and source nodes generate resources simulating the acquisition or improvement of these statistics and items. Resource connections with formulas introduce variability and the chance element in battles, reflecting the unpredictability of combat situations.

The system utilizes converters to translate certain inputs (e.g., clicking to start a fight, resetting stats) into stat changes, represented by resources moving between pools. The use of gates and state connections enables conditional logic and outcomes, such as determining the better gear between combatants or the consequences of different combat strategies. Machination registers perform comparisons of stats and gear, ultimately contributing to the calculation of fighter points. This simulation allows for dynamic interactions and outcomes based on the strategic selections and random elements introduced, mimicking the complex decision-making and luck involved in battle scenarios.


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