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Automated Rock Paper Scissors

Bogdan Florea
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Game of RPS with 10x10 Pool art images and points calculator 
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This diagram represents a simulation of a rock-paper-scissors game with additional mechanisms for tracking wins, losses, and draws. At its core, the diagram contains sources that symbolize the possible choices of rock, paper, and scissors, which feed into a complex system of pools and drains to calculate the outcomes of game rounds. Through intricate connections involving state triggers and registers, the diagram tallies the results, determining whether the left side wins, the right side wins, or if a draw occurs. Registers compute the state changes, based on the input choices, to update the corresponding win or draw counters.

The system features an automation element, where resets and new games are triggered by specific conditions, ensuring continuous play without manual input between rounds. This automation is facilitated by gates that manage the flow of resources (representing the game's outcomes) and by registers calculating the overall game state. The calculated outcomes are represented in designated pools that count cumulative wins for each side and draws, showcasing the dynamic nature of the diagram in simulating numerous rounds of rock-paper-scissors. This setup does more than just declare winners; it provides insight into patterns and probabilities within the game over time, making it a comprehensive tool for analysis and demonstration of game theory principles.


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