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A versatile key that can open multiple locks might refer to a special key item that can be used to unlock different doors, chests, or other types of barriers throughout the game world. These versatile keys can often provide a shortcut or alternative path to the player, allowing them to bypass obstacles or access hidden areas.
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The diagram models a game mechanic focusing on resource management and decision-making associated with finding and utilizing keys to open corresponding chests. In this system, players engage in activities to discover three distinct types of keys: red, green, and versatile. These keys serve as resources that can be used to unlock chests of corresponding colors, with versatile keys providing flexibility in choice. Sources generate keys, which then move through gates operating under a probabilistic model, indicating a chance-based mechanism for keys to successfully reach their targets. 

Resource connections transport keys from their sources to pools, embodying the accumulation of found keys over time. State connections, activated by resource accumulation in pools, trigger further actions such as opening chests. The probabilities associated with some state connections suggest decision points where players might choose between different actions, influenced by the distribution of found keys. This structure underscores a gameplay loop of acquiring, deciding, and utilizing resources, encapsulating strategies around resource allocation and timing to maximize rewards from opening chests. The dynamic interplay between finding keys and choosing chests to open introduces a layer of strategic planning and risk assessment within the game's economy.


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